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Franklin Parade and Festival Marking 100 Years!
Article By: Brian Shute, Ph.D., CCC

On Friday, May 22, 2009, beginning at 10:00 in the morning, the Franklin Community came together to celebrate 100 years of learning and teaching excellence. The night before primed the celebration with an Alumni-Friends Reception. The sky was blue, the sun was in full shine, and it was not snowing! With the theme, Stepping Through The Years, hundreds of Alumni and Friends-of-Franklin made pilgrimage to take part in this historical time. And there, seemingly watching it all was the Franklin building standing tall, proud and ready for another 100 years of education.

Parade Crowd2 (Small).JPG

The parade excitement was high and there was electricity in the air. Students and staff, just as planned, brought forth an incredible show and celebration. It was not disappointing. The Spokane Police Department barricaded the roadway which was devoted to just one thing--a street parade celebration.

Lineup on 17th (Small).JPG

Lining up on the south side of 17th Avenue towards the west end of Lincoln Park, hundreds of students prepared to march. Students and their teachers sported colorful costumes, signs, banners, floats, wagons, musical devices and much, much more.

Parade Beginning (Small).JPG

Mayor Verner and Camille Haskins (Small).JPG

Beginning the line up, was Mayor Mary Verner and Camille Haskins (Erickson, Franklin 63) in a sporty, red Mercedes, Kompressor. Waving to the crowds, the Mayor and Camille brought smiles to every face. Then, in patriotic fashion, the Color Guard followed.

40s decade group get ready (Small).JPG

Marching in their decade group, students presented the efforts of their research and creativity.

70s Hey man! (Small).JPG

Represented down the road were: Mrs. Jordan's class 1909-1919; Mrs. Gadau's class 1919-1929; Mrs. Williamson's class 1929-1939; Scooters of Kate Jones and Bonnie Robson who wore pink poodle skirts...

1941 Ford by Van (Small).JPG

... a 1941 Ford owned and driven by Van; Mrs. Ferrante's class 1939-1949; Mrs. Yake's and Mrs. Danica's classes 1949-1959; Ms Burn's and Mrs. Corigliano's classes 1959-1969...

Dr.B's Bug (Small).JPG

... Brian Shute and his 1966 VW Bug; Mrs. Stowell's and Mrs. Nesson's classes 1969-1979; Mrs. Calkins and Mrs. Norton's classes 1979-1989; Mrs. Ritchey's classes 1989 to present...

Parade Jodie Shawback (Small).JPG

Ferris Marching Band1 (Small).JPG

And finally, the Ferris Marching Band in all their glory.

Ian Cubley and Announcer Rick Edwards (Small).JPG

Radio announcer, Rick Edwards (right), informed the crowd over the loud speakers what each class represented. Parents and the media snapped pictures and rolled cameras. Ian Cubley helped record the centennial events.

Band and people dance (Small).JPG

The band and students then went down to the lower field where band music and dancing occurred. All of it was spectacular in sound and sight.

Shortly after, lunch began which was followed by an assembly on the lower playground. The gathering of students, staff, alumni, and friends began with the Pledge of Allegiance.

Franklin Scream (Small).JPG

Here, kids, teachers, and alumni screamed "Franklin" as a tribute to the occasion.

Marimba Band (Small).JPG

Zippy music included the Franklin Marimba Ensemble, a violin piece by Daniel Nosov, a trumpet duet by Kelly-Anne Cubley and Trung Nguyen, Play That Music by the Franklin Choir, and Somewhere Over The Rainbow was sung by music teacher, Teresa Sauther. All of it was fitting and festive.

Doug Clark (Small).JPG
Doug Clark humors the audience with memories and scares the teachers (just joking).

Wendy Hinckle (Small).JPG

Wendy Hinckle offers canned spinach as a visual aid and tosses it off the stage! The students were captivated.

Mixed with the music, speakers included Principal Mickey Hanson; Writer, Doug Clark; Teacher, Wendy Hinckle (Heath), and Speech-Language Pathologist, Brian Shute. Expressive highlights of the speakers included: Public education is You; A teacher altered my thinking...I think; Using words to solve problems; and Franklin's got zeal, heritage, personality and community.

Following the assembly, there was cake for everyone. The Franklin PTG sold commemorative soaps, notecards, Nostalgia Magazines, and videos.

Tourguide in action1 (Small).JPG
Student-led tours continued into the day. "Ladies and Gents, please synchronize your watches and stay with me."

All in all, today was a festive time in the history of Franklin School and the Lilac City. It was a particularly special tribute to the Franklin Community and a fun time. Thanks to everyone who participated and attended. Additional thanks to KXLY Television and the Spokesman Review who covered the event.

A Note On Alumni Invitations: We are certain that many Franklin Alumni and Friends did not know about these events. Despite local commercials, announcements on, articles, and the website, some of you would have liked to attend but did not know. We apologize. From our vantage, we had few accurate addresses; it is difficult to collect names and addresses because of elements of time, mobility, and even mortality issues. We relied heavily on word-of-mouth. We know that many of you are out there somewhere on the planet. One hope of this website is to keep us connected as an educational community. Please return here often as new updates are frequent. Please feel free to email or write.

Here are some more photographs from the day.

Camille Haskins  (Erickson) and Wendy Hinckle (Heath) (Small).JPG

Camille Haskins (Erickson) and Wendy Hinckle (Heath) Class of 1963 and grade school friends!

Franklin Choir (Small).JPG
The Franklin Choir directed by Teresa Sauther.

Kristine Campos (Small).JPG
Kristine Campos smiles for the camera.

Dianne, , Joy Painter (Small).JPG
Some Franklin Alumni.

Irene Gonzales, Doug Clark, Ben Clark and others (Small).JPG
Some more Franklin Friends...

Tourguide in action2 (Small).JPG
Our crew of Student Tour Guides were fabulous. Here's another one in action.

Wagon Float Ms Burns (Small).JPG
A Wagon Parade Float from Ms Burns classroom.

Rick and Sherry Heineck. House removed behind them. (Small).JPG
This is Rick Heineck and his wife of 43 years, Sherry. Rick attended Franklin in the 1950s. He helped his dad build the house that was next to the school on the west side. He said it made him a little sad to see it go. Rick and Sherry enjoyed the festival and had many fun stories to share.

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