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Centennial Picture Gallery
Article By: Brian Shute, Ph.D., CCC

Here are some additional shots from the Franklin School Centennial Parade and the Alumni Reception. They depict excitement, action, old friendships, and reconnection. Please also visit the pages for the Alumni-Friends Reception and also the Centennial Parade for more photographs.

1939-49 (Small).JPG

Some students represent the 1940s.
Special thanks to Dianne LaBissoniere for many pictures provided here.

Centennial Lunch (Small).JPG

It's lunch time on the lower playground.

Dean Carriveau, Anita Davis, Dianne Blumhagen (Small).JPG

This is Dean Carriveau, Anita Davis, and Dianne Blumhagen. The Alumni Reception attracted many people from long ago. It was a terrific time to reconnect.

Diane Wynne, Camille Erickson (Small).JPG

This is Diane Wynne and Camille Erickson as they smile for the camera.

Diane Wynne, Dianne Blumhagen, Rick Blumhagen, Judy Hart (Small).JPG

This is Diane Wynne, Dianne Blumhagen, Rick Blumhagen, Judy Hart.

Franklin student at parade (WinCE).jpg

One of thousands of smiles observed at the parade. Photo by Wendy Hinckle.

Dianne Blumhagen and Susie Brown Class 62 (Small).JPG

Dianne Blumhagen and Susie Brown, Franklin Class of 1962.

Dianne Blumhagen, Maxine Olson,Dean Carriviea (Small).JPG

Dianne Blumhagen, Maxine Olson, and Dean Carriveau.

DSC_0271 (Small).JPG

The Franklin building. Note the centennial banner above the doorway. It was designed by Jill Poland who works at Franklin.

DSC_0272 (Small).JPG

Franklin School standing tall next to the ancient pines.

DSC_0275 (Small).JPG

This is the home and grounds of the once infamous "Dr. Hohn" from the early 1900s.

DSC_0281 (Small).JPG

Another beautiful home in the Franklin community.

DSC_0283 (Small).JPG

Students are lining up and preparing to walk the parade.

DSC_0297 (Small).JPG

This is the Franklin Color Guard.

DSC_0308 (Small).JPG

Participants in the parade representing the 1940s.

DSC_0315 (Small).JPG

...and the 1960s.

DSC_0318 (Small).JPG

Mrs. Nesson's first grade class represents the 1970s.

DSC_0320 (Small).JPG

Mrs. Calkins class and the 1980s.

DSC_0326 (Small).JPG

Mrs. Ritchey's kindergarteners are having a fun time.

DSC_0327 (Small).JPG

DSC_0328 (Small).JPG

DSC_0329 (Small).JPG

Larry Meyers, Dianne Blumhagen, Bob Meyers. Dianne LaBiss.stepuncles (Small).JPG

This is Larry Meyers, Dianne Blumhagen and Bob Meyers. Larry and Bob are Dianne Blumhagen's step-uncles.

Maridel Carter, Dianne Blumhagen, Janet Claussen, Diane Wynne class of 62 (Small).JPG

This is Maridel Carter, Dianne Blumhagen, Janet Claussen, and Diane Wynne, Franklin Class of 1962.

Maxine Olson, Steve Erickson (Small).JPG

This is Maxine Olson and Steve Erickson.

Mr. Parrish, Stan Parrish and Gale Parrish. (Small).JPG

This is Mr. Parrish, Stan Parrish, and Gale Parrish.

Patsy Jacobson and Diane Wynne Patsy was LC Lilac Princess in 63. Her father was a doc who made house calls (Small).JPG

This is Patsy Jacobson and Diane Wynne. Patsy was the LC Lilac Princess in 1963. Her father was a family physician who made house calls to Dianne Blumhagen's house.

The Tormino's (Small).JPG

These folks are the Tormino family who attended Franklin long ago.

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