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Franklin Photo/Exhibit Gallery 1970s
Article By: Brian Shute, Ph.D., CCC

(sm) Rhonda Langford, Sheri Lewis, Lambchop, Jimmy Carter, Christmas Seal Award in Oval Office (Small).jpg

There are many pieces of unique history that have come out of Franklin School and this is one of them. During Jimmy Carter's presidency, Rhonda Langford (a third grader in Mrs. Maddox's clasroom) drew this 1977 Christmas Seal. Christmas Seals are a longtime tradition sponsored through the American Lung Association to raise money. Since 1881, famous artists like Norman Rockwell, and occasionally children under the age of twelve, have designed the seals that are licked and placed on millions of envelopes each Christmas. This youthful seal rose to the top, first on a district level, then the state level, and finally on a federal level. It depicts the wisemen, a camel, and the star(s) shining brightly. Rhonda and another student artist were invited to the Oval Office to have their seals autographed by the President. Famous ventriloquist, Sheri Lewis along with "Lamb Chop," were there for the event too. By the way, the Oval Office was built in 1909, the same year that Franklin was built. Special thanks to Mary Langford for these photographs.

(sm) Rhonda Langford Christmas Seal Award Circa 1977 (Small).jpg


1977 FranklinGradeSchool,parkinglot(Small).jpg

1977 FranklinGradeSchool,Spokane (Small).jpg

These 1977 photographs show Franklin's parking lot and some, now-classic cars. Special thanks to Bob Mosher for these and other photographs.


Franklin Building circa 1970s (Small).jpg

This black and white photograph was probably taken in the 1970s, but possibly the 1980s.

AMKinder1972 (Small).jpg

1972 AM Kindergarten Class, Miss Benner and later Mrs. Amos. Special thanks to Diane Gust (Brugger) for this and other photographs.


70s 80s Mario 028.jpg

First Grade Franklin students 1975.

The following is a collection of Franklin pictures that come from the mid-1970s. Unfortunately, we do not have many of the names that go along with many of them. It's likely that someone viewing these pictures will recognize themself and their classmates. If that person is you, we would be delighted to learn the names of students and teachers.

Special thanks to Pete Black for providing some names.


70s 80s Mario 029.jpg


70s 80s Mario 030.jpg

70s 80s Mario 031.jpg

Mrs. Johnson-Winborn's 1975-76 Second Grade Class

Top Row: Student teacher, can't recall name, Jane Larison, Rhonda Langford , ?, Jenger Jones, ? , ?, Lori White, Mrs. Johnson (later married and became Mrs. Winborn)
Middle Row: Patrick ?, Mike Smith, Greg Keller, ?, ?, Kyle ?, Kim Plemons, ?.
Bottom Row, Pete Black (dig my happening cowboy/Hawaiian shirt), ?, Dave Pendell, Frank Betts, ?, Mike Devolve.

Special thanks to Pete Black for some of the names associated with these photographs.

70s 80s Mario 032.jpg

Mrs. Maddox and her 1975-76 Third Grade Class

70s 80s Mario 033.jpg

Mrs. McCallister (right) and her 1975-76 Third Grade Class.

Pete Black says: "I'm pretty sure that the student on bottom row, right, dressed in red is Eugene Smith."

70s 80s Mario 034.jpg

Mrs. Evans and her 1975-76 Fourth Grade Class.

Top Row: Mrs. Evans, Jennifer Payton, ?, ?, ?, ?, Suzette Balou, Kris Black (Pete Black's sister), ?.
Second Row from Top: None identified.
Third Row from Top: Mark Barron, Jerry Pearman, ?, ?, ? , ?
Bottom Row: None identified.


70s 80s Mario 035.jpg

Mrs. Alsted's 1975-76 Fifth/Sixth Grade Class.

70s 80s Mario 036.jpg

SaraHenault1978MrsAmos (Small).jpg
Sara Henault, a kindergartner in Mrs. Amos' 1978 class, smiles for the camera on Franklin's front steps.

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