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Franklin Photo/Exhibit Gallery 1980s
Article By: Brian Shute, Ph.D., CCC

On November 8, 1989, Franklin celebrated its first 100 years, 1889-1989. This included the original downtown Franklin School which was completed in 1889 and burned down after it was purchased by the railroad in 1909. The celebration was a grand one and several old timers appeared for the reunion. Some of those pictures from the 1989 party remain but their names have been lost. We'd love to know who some of these people are. If you know, please tell us...

Unknown Alum 1989. Oneoftheoriginals 028 (Small).jpg

This is Lois Cain (in front) and Lois Moller. Photograph taken in 1989 at the Franklin Reunion.

PartyDown1989MusicTeacher 026 (Small).jpg

We believe this energetic soul was the music teacher but what was her name? Photograph taken in 1989 at the Franklin Reunion.

UnknownAlum2  024 (Small).jpg

Other unknown alumni from the 1989 reunion.

Reunion Cake 025 (Small).jpg

The Welcome Back cake which featured a little red schoolhouse.

Franklin Reunion 027 (Small).jpg

Some participants in the reunion.

DougClark1989 (Small).jpg

Alumnus Doug Clark caught by the camera.


This photo was taken sometime in the fall season. The two smaller trees to the left and right of the front door have been removed since the photo was taken. Also, the bushes against the building have grown considerably. And now that I take a closer look, the trunks on those pine are now bigger than what is depicted here.

70s 80s Mario 006.jpg

In March of 1986 The Great Mario performed his mime show on the Franklin stage.

70s 80s Mario 025.jpg

A mime is not a mime without making people laugh. Here, the Franklin students and audience are taking part in the fun. Do you have any idea where The Great Mario is now?

Historical Note: Since this picture was posted, some identities have surfaced. First, the boy in the blue jacket, plaid shirt, and glasses is David Ritchey, son of the very popular kindergarten teacher, Miriam Ritchey. Second, the blond girl on the left is Sara Burns, daughter of the snap-cracklin' teacher, Susan Burns. Despite this terrific information, I still want to know where the Great Mario is now.


70s 80s Mario 126 (Small).jpg

1985-86 Franklin Staff Pictures

Front Row: Gordon Bailey, Don Baldwin, Kathy DuCrest, Miriam Ritchey, Donna Hopkins, Betty Winborn, Marcia Wolfe. Row 2: Jim Albi, Patty John, James Holden, Linda Amos, Pauline Finley, Connie Peterson, Elva Mote. Row 3: Susan Burns, Tanya Karim, Kathy Brinkley, Katherine Emtman, Craig Bageant, Helen Prenguber, Connie Mattox. Not Pictured: Jan Rettig, Dan Loos

70s 80s Mario 125 (Small).jpg

1985-86 Apple

Front Row: Beth William, Anna William, Erinn Leopard, Elizabeth Moyers, Eric Seethaler, Javob Wolbach, Annie Rose Miller, Kitty McMichael, Michelle Haynes, Nathan Tarbert, Saiah Schneider, Jesse Geddes, Jonathan Tarbert, Aric LaFleur, Malinda Hurley, Joseph Seethaler, Blake Golliher. Row 2: Thorn Brown, Tom Lackaff, KevinStart, Ryan Mckee, Robin Guevara, Ian Porter, LaRena Porter, Casey Golliher, Melvin Sethaler, James Drexler, Josh Powell, Allen Monroe, Noah Yacker, Sean Drexler, Jeremy Larsen, Joe Benson. Row 3: Mathew Lozano, Aaron Daniel, Sarah Gabousy, Carrie Mckee, Chelsea Nesbitt, Tara Dougherty, Danica Ducrest, Jesse Allert, Michaela Hurley, Michelle Smith, April McMichael, Chuck Brineman, December Lozano, Katy Mansker, Toria Rollins, Eden Ducrest, Angela Haynes, Heatehr Hart. Row 4: Kathy Duecrest, Kathy Davis, Rachel Dunn, Kara Leopard Waverly Bennett,Zain Stowell, Jennifer McKee, Jolene Pollock, Diana Larson, Amy Boerner, Shannone Seaton, Sara Burns, Jimmy Seethaler, Jason Jackson, Tracy Wright, Lester LaFleur, Aaron Traylor, Susan Burns. Not Pictured: Dan Landergott, Kane Blalock, Carrie Hanson, Adam Irwin, Joyson Kock, Courtney Hanks, Mathew Hurley

5-6grades1980-81Diane Brugger (Small).jpg

1981 Franklin Fifth and Sixth Grades

5-6th Grade 1980-81 Diane Brugger's Picture

First names only. Mrs. Dike, Principal

Bottom Row: Morgan, Aaron, Tre', Dan, Josh, Jeff, Mike, Dan.
Middle Row: Trina, Jeani, Cindy, Kris, Marci, Joli, Christel, Diane, Michelle Top Row: Mr. Smith, Sheri, Stephinie, Melissa, Karla, Dana, Roxanne, Tami, Mrs. Schmelzer.

Special thanks to Diane Gust (Brugger) for this and other pictures spanning multiple generations of the Brugger family.

Grade 6 1981-82 (Small).jpg

1982 Franklin Sixth Grade Class

Bottom Row: Dan Scott, Chris Ralston, Brian Mantz, Chris Ulrich
Second Row: John Livingston, Chris Mann, Jeff Jackodson (sp?), Robert Eccles, Dan Gorner, Robbie Brown, Doug McGowan.
Third Row: Teresa Cranford, Trina Boggess, Jeff Harrison, Jason Komdrece, David Huime, Tami Eccles, Christel Shulz, Nikki Devine.
Top Row: Tanya Miller, Jeanne Sentman, Diane Brugger (me), Joli Anderson, Candace McCarthy, Gail Oosting, Tabitha Pain, Mr. Robertson.

1981FranklinStaffFunPix (Small).jpg

When good teachers go bad! This circa 1981 picture captures a little fun.

Front Row (left to right): Tom Weatherholt, (?), Gordon Bailey, Donna Hopkins, (?), Dick Robinson.
Row 2: Nadine Schmelzer; Helen Prengauber, Patty Gates, Betty Winborn, Connie Maddox, Linda Amos
Back Row: Sharlie Scott, Mary ?, Maxine Magnus, Pauline Finley, Elva Mote.

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