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Franklin Photo/Exhibit Gallery 1990s
Article By: Brian Shute, Ph.D., CCC

1st Day of School Fall 1996 (Small).jpg

First day of school, Fall 1996. Special thanks to Mike Cosgrove for this and other pictures from this era.

1st Day of School Sept 1996 (Small).jpg


May Pole Dance May 1996 (Small).jpg

This picture taken on May 23, 1996 by the Spokesman Review showed Rebecca Danica's students performing the May Pole Dance. This Franklin tradition continues each May.


Alex Southworth Jan 1997 (Small).jpg

This photograph of Principal Alex Southworth, taken in January 1997, shows him smiling for the camera. It is said that during his tenure at Franklin, Alex was the most "kid-like" principal the school had ever seen!


Curt Dreese, Virginia Erickson, Reda Andrews Jan 1997 (Small).jpg

This January 1997 shot captures Psychologist Curt Dreese, Virginia Erickson, and Reda Andrews sitting up front.


Jan 1997 (Small).jpg

Some students pose as teachers or the principal or something... and the resemblance is uncanny. January 1997


Javauna Hollowell Jan 1997 (Small).jpg

Javauna Hollowell reviews another annual report during January 1997.


Mrs. Brady, Student Teacher, Students Jan 1997 (Small).jpg

This picture taken in January 1997 shows Nancy Brady, her student teacher, and some fantastic students.


Mrs. Calkins' Class Jan 1997 (Small).jpg

Beth Calkins and some of her students smile for the photographer. January 1997.

Mrs. Coble in the Library Jan 1997 (Small).jpg

Mrs. Coble in the library.


Mrs. Corigliano's Class Jan 1997 (Small).jpg

Mrs. Chris Corigliano's class, January 1997.


Mrs. Ferrante Jan 1997 (Small).jpg

Shutter shy, Char Ferrante, keeps her eyes on the paperwork.

Ms. Burns Jan 1997 (Small).jpg

Yes, you guessed it! This is Susan Burns!


Ms. Dalton and students Jan 1997 (Small).jpg

This is Ms Dalton and some of her students in January 1997.


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