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Franklin Photo/Exhibit Gallery 1930s
Article By: Brian Shute, Ph.D., CCC

DonMiller1939 (Small).jpg

1939, Class of 1939, Eight Years Together

From left to right: Jim Nooney, Don Miller, Betty Ruth McRae, Marilyn Moss. According to Don Miller, there was a third boy who had been with the class from the beginning. He had a slight foreign accent. Towards the end of their Franklin tenure, he suddenly left the school and no one, including the teacher, knew what happened to him. A mystery and sad unannounced departure. Special thanks to Don Miller for this photograph.

Peggy, Lloyd, Glen, Dwyla Seahorn Circa 1939 Four on a bike with lunches (Small).jpg

This circa 1939 picture included four of the Seahorn kids on a single bike. All of them have their lunches in hand. During a class discussion, Dwyla Seahorn's teacher said, "You can't ride double on a bike," Dwyla responded, "We don't, we ride triple." [actually quadruple here]. Lloyd explained that the bike worked fine for multiple riders on the downhill route... it was single riding going back up the hill! The Seahorn kids included Peggy, Lloyd, Glen, Swyla, Neil, Larry, Stanley, Ronald. They lived on 22nd and Cuba.


FranklinScans102508 005 (Medium).jpg
Class of 1938 Graduation Picture

Sitting Left to Right: Don Allen; Harold Ponton; Beryl Bereton (last name unclear); Marjorie Sayler; Robert Maland; Lucille Driskill; Don Sanders; Louise Skeman; Second Row: Robert Brewer; Melvin Pederson; Marjory Miner; Dick Tinsley; Don Henng (last name unclear); Eleonor Gregg; Marion Miner; Donald Deglow; Margie Madden; Geraldine Stebbins.

Additional information noted on the back side of the photo: Teachers at this time included: First Grade, Clara Adele Gillard; Second Grade, Christiann Reirson; Third Grade, Alice Helen Winslow; Fourth Grade, Agnus Marie Blomberg; Fifth Grade, Clara Pauline Manseth (last name unclear); Sixth Grade, Dorothea Guineuere Rousseau; Seventh Grade, Edith Jean Ogilvie; Eighth Grade: Laura May Sperber. Other teachers included Roland Ray Coolbaugh and Bess Roberts Turner.

Special thanks to Marjorie Saylor and her brother Bob Saylor for this and other artifacts.

Sayler,Marjorie, Bob2008-09 017 (Small).jpg

In September 2008, brother and sister Robert (Bobby) and Marjorie Sayler visited Franklin. They attended Franklin in the 1930s and it was certainly a treat to meet them! Here are the people shown from left to right: Brian Shute, Marjorie Sayler, Robert E. Sayler, Mickey Hanson. Note the bust of Benjamin Franklin in the background. Both Bobby and Marjorie have been helpful in the provision of pictures and artifacts.

1937Mac McKenna_edited (Small).jpg

This circa 1937 picture was provided by Mike McKenna whose father was Milton "Mac" McKenna. Mac is pictured here along with other Franklin classmates. He is in the upper line, third from the right, in white pants. Mac lived in a small house along 17th Avenue with his 10 siblings. Special thanks to Mike McKenna for this photograph.

McKenna,left Nell,Alice,Rubie,Mary (Small).jpg

These are "Mac" McKenna's sisters, Nell, Alice, Rubie, and Mary. They also attended Franklin in the 1920s and 1930s. See above picture and also oral history of Kiley Mossey.


FranklinScans102508 006 (Medium)_edited.jpg

These girls in costume were posing before or after the 1938 eighth grade play, Snow White. Names listed on the photo back: Jackie Miller; Lucille Driskell; Louise Skiman; Eleanor Gregg; Geraldine Stebbins; Marjory Miner; Margie Madden; Connie Higgins; Beryl Bereton; Marjorie Sayler; Marian Miner; Dorothy Thompson.

Additional information: Boys names (likely the males actors) listed on back of photo: Harold Ponton; Marvin Matthews; Dick Tinsley; Robert Brewer; Melvin Pederson. Teachers names: Laura M. Sperber; Bess R. Turner

The following is the "Class Will" of the Class of 1938. Squint your eyes a little and read this funny piece written by Marjorie Sayler. It's three pages...

FranklinScans102508 001 (Medium)_edited.jpg

FranklinScans102508 002 (Medium)_edited.jpg

FranklinScans102508 003 (Medium)_edited.jpg


FranklinScans102508 004 (Small).jpg

This is a Promotion Certificate that was awarded to Eighth Graders in the 1930s.

1935-36ReportCardFrontPage (Small).jpg

1935-36ReportCardInside (Small).jpg

This is a Report Card from 1935-36 that was generated by teacher, Laura Sperber. It came in a brown 7-1/4 x 4-3/4" envelope. It is interesting to note, however, the words,"PROMOTION IN DANGER" on the front page. This student had nothing to worry about.

LibraryCert1935-06FrontSide (Small).jpg

LibraryCert1935-06Backside (Small).jpg

This Library Reading Certificate from June 1936 was awarded to William Counsell who completed set reading requirements.

FranklinScans102508 008 (Medium)_edited.jpg

Youngsters from Franklin danced at Lewis and Clark High School under the direction of teacher Christie Reierson. This all-school event was for the annual Parent-Teacher program on March 9th, exact year unknown. An audience of 800 applauded the dancers.

Franklin1936Grad.From WilliamW.CounsellTopRow4thwithtie (Small).jpg

This shot is of the graduating class of 1936. It comes from William W. Counsell who is in the top row, fourth from the left, in the tie. Special thanks to Mr. Counsell for this and other artifacts from this era.


1934 Seahorn (Small).jpg


Top Row: 1 ?, 2 ?, 3 Stanley Seahorn, 4 ?, 5 Katherine Frey, 6 ?, 7 ?, 8 ?
Bottom Row: 1?,2?,3?,4?,5?, 6 Junior Reinertson, 7?, 8 Neil Seahorn

Lloyd Seahorn explained that his brother Stan was killed during WWII in an airplane accident. The airplane he was flying in struck a mountain. Special thanks to Lloyd Seahorn for this and other photographs from this era.

JuniorRedCrossHospitalPennySaverCircaDepressionFromW.Counsel (Small).jpg

This Great Depression era(circa 1931) collection card was given to Franklin students and others to help raise money for the Junior Red Cross Hospital which was located at Howard Street and Sharp Avenue. As the card states, the hospital was the first in the United States to be supported entirely by children. The card contains 25 slots for pennies which were saved over the course of a summer. In September, such cards were then given to a student's teacher who in turn gave it to the hospital. Very interesting read--check it out. Special thanks to William Counsell for this unique artifact.

LuckyFiveClubFranklinC1932 (Small).jpg

Some Franklin boys organized a club called the Lucky Five, which flourished for a few years. The original five took in more members and the club grew. The Lucky Five had fabulous adventures throughout the area. This shot was taken around 1932. Here, they are on a picnic in Deep Creek.

Front Row (Left to Right) Gordon Follett, Ted Permaine, Jack Fahey. Back Row: (in aviator hat) Kenneth Ficklin, Mrs. Mummey, Monte Frodsham, Ernest Walden, Warren Snyder, and Dale Mummey (side view, looking at ground). Special thanks to John Fahey for this photograph.

CatherinePritchardThompsonCircaEarly30s (Small).jpg

This circa early 30s shot was taken at an unknown location, but possibly close to the school. The name on the back of the photograph reads, Catherine Pritchard Thompson. It is believed that Catherine graduated from Franklin in 1927. Also associated with this picture is a hand written paper which reads, "Teachers I remember: 1st Grade Miss Clare Gillard 1919, 3rd Grade Alice Weinshaw 1922; 6th Grade L.M. Sperber 1924; 7th Grade Laura Welch 1923 [sic]; 7th Grade Lucy Bridge 1926; 5th Grade E. Maxfield 1924; 8th Grade Laura Sperber 1927; Principals Miss Worchester sp? 1919; Miss Ida Frost 1923; Miss Pauline Drake 1925."

It is also unknown what model car this was. Note the gas filler on the fender, the spoked wheel, the rumble seat,the little guy in the passenger seat, and the good times that everyone here enjoyed.

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