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Franklin Photo/Exhibit Gallery 1950s Volume 2
Article By: Brian Shute, Ph.D., CCC

2nd Grade 1958  021 (Small).jpg

1958, Second Grade, 1958-1959 School Year. Teacher: Mrs. Keil.

Special thanks to Mr. Rex Cooper for this and another photograph. Rex attended Franklin for 2nd and 3rd grades and has fond memories of the place. He is in Row two, second from the right in the striped shirt.

1959 3rd grade  022 (Small).jpg

1959, Third Grade, 1959-1960 School Year. Teacher Mrs. Harris.

Rex Cooper is directly behind Mrs. Harris again in the striped shirt.


Mary Kay,Fac1954 Pictures 002a (Small).jpg

1954 Franklin Faculty

Starting with the upper left:
1 Mr. Gerald L. Saling (Eighth Grade, Boys P.E.); 2 Miss Ruth I. Davis (Vocal Music); 3 Miss Edith J. Ogilvie (Seventh Grade); 4 Mrs. Harriet H. Schlomer (Fourth Grade); 5 Miss Dorothea G. Rousseau (Sixth Grade & Librarian); 6 Mrs. Speer; 7 ?; 8 Miss Agnes M. Blomberg (Fifth Grade); 9 Mr. John P. Kingsland (Seventh Grade, Boys P.E.); 10 Mr. Roy J. Hale (Fifth & Sixth Grades); 11 ?; 12 Mrs. Frances M. Goraber (Sixth Grade, Girls P.E.); 13 Mrs. Freeman (Second Grade); 14 Mrs. Allen (Secretary); 15 Mr. Walter E. Wildey (Principal); 16 Mrs. Marion L. Green (Fourth Grade); 17 Mrs. Elsie P. Coon (Third Grade); 18 Miss Geraldine M. Johnson (Third Grade).


Mary Kay1954 8th Pictures 003b (Small).jpg

1955, Eighth Graders, Mr Saling, left of the class.

Front Row - Left to Right: Walter (Bud/Buddy) Castle, ?, Bob Potts, Tom Burkhart, Cy Hallett, Dennis Cerenzia, ?
Row Two: Betty Jones, ?, Linda Schlomer, Carol Herlin, Charlene Ness, Mary Kay Davis, Janet Rausch, Linda Chauvin (Shauvin), Arlene Batchelor
Top Row: Leland Johnson, Jim Deno, Ken Craft, Nick Cline, Ken Kramer, Reid Tinling.


Mary Kay1954 Grad Pictures 003a (Small).jpg

1955, Graduating Class

Mr. Saling is to the left of the class, Mrs. Nogel and Principal Hardin are to the right of the class.
Front Row: Janyce Carlos, Janet Rausch, Linda Chauvin, Judy Brown, Linda Nichols, Arlene Batchelor
Second Row: Bud Castle, ?, ? , Denny Cerenzia, Cy Hallet, Tom Burkhart, ?, Keith Cauvel, Doug Shaw, Clark Long, Fred Schuster, George Bergquist
Third Row: Betty Jones, ?, Charlene Ness, Mary Kay Davis, Linda Schlomer, Carol Herlin, Jean Rabe, Diane Cummings, Jo Ann Lorinski, Carol Herlin, Wilma Anderson, Sharon Brandt, Barbara Blair
Top Row: Sam Cook, Reid Tinling, Ken Kramer, Nick Cline, Leland Johndon, Jim Deno, Ken Craft, Terry Hendrickson, Ralph Cornwall, Bruce Becklund, Richie Symms, Paul Warner, Dan Russell, Joyce Moore.


1955DawesEddy 6thGrade (Small).jpg

1955, Franklin Sixth Grade. Teacher: R.J. Hale. Special thanks to Dawes Eddy for this and another photograph from this era.


1954DawesEddy5th 6th grades (Small).jpg

1954, Franklin Fifth and Sixth Grades.


Graduating class 1953  010 (Small).jpg

1953, Class of 1953, Teacher: Gerald Saling; Principal: Walter Wildley

Top Row Left to Right: ?; ?; Jim Stewart; Wallace Sharpe; ?; Karl Guenzel; Glen Scritchfield; Hugh Tinling; Frank Loriman; ?; Bill Johnson; Gary Harris. Second Row from top: Richard Gilmore; Pat Allen; ?; Gary Carriveau; Judith Manor; Harriett George; Sandra McCreight; Sally Anderson; ?; Leroy French; Claude Fry; ?; Larry Seehorn. Bottom Row: Arlene Neumiller; Geraldine Meyers; ?; Marilyn Larsen; Marilyn Waters; Barbara Hansen; Joanne Morlin; Nancy Dawson.

Special thanks to Gary Harris for providing photographs and names from this era.

8th grade 1953 009 (Small).jpg

1953, Eight Years Together

Top Row Left to Right: Richard Gilmore; Gary Carriveau; Wallace Sharpe; Karl Guenzel; Hugh Tinling; Frank Loriman; Gary Harris; Larry Seehorn; Bottom Row: Sally Anderson; Geraldine Meyers; Marilyn Larsen; Barbara Hansen; Sandra McCreight; Harriett George.

Mary Kay1953 5th6th Pictures 002b (Small).jpg

1953, Fifth and Sixth Graders


SR2Franklin1953_5 (Small).jpeg

This 1953 photograph shows part of the old gym and kids mingling on the corners. It was taken from Mt. Vernon Street. There is a flagless flag pole above the entry, perhaps because of inclimate weather. The flag pole was later moved to a spot on the east lawn. Bob Mosher identified the black automobile on the corner as the one belonging to teacher, Gerald L. Saling. Special thanks to the Spokesman Review and Chronicle for this and other photographs.

SRFranklin1953 (Small).jpeg

This shot was taken from the parking lot on on the southwest side of the school. It shows the new addition.


7th grade 1952  007 (Small).jpg

1952, Seventh Grade

Top Row left to right: Frank Loriman; Bill Johnson; Leroy French; Glen Scritchfield; Karl Guenzel; Hugh Tinling; Pat Allen; Jim Stewart; ?. Second Row from top: Richard Gilmore; Lance Erie; Gary Carriveau; Arlene Neumiller; Marilyn Larsen; Nancy Dawson; ?; Wallace Sharpe; Claude Fry. Third Row from top: Judith Manor; Sandra McCreight; Harriett George; Geraldine Meyers; Marilyn Waters; ?. Bottom Row: ?; ?; ?; Gary Harris; Gary Brown; ?; Larry Seehorn.


Mary Kay Pictures 001b (Small).jpg

1952, Fifth and Sixth Grades


6th grade 1951 006 (Small).jpg

1951, Sixth Grade.

Top Row Left to Right: Pat Allen; Frank Loriman; ?;?; Jim Stewart; Lance Erie; Leroy French. Second Row from top: Bill Johnson; Gary Carriveau; Karl Guenzel; Arlene Neumiller; Judith Manor; Claude Fry; Wallace Sharp; Gary Harris. Third Row from top: Nancy Dawson; Harriett George; Marilyn Larsen; Marilyn Waters; ?; Geraldine Meyers; Sally Anderson; Sandra McCreight. Bottom Row: ?; ?; ?; Richard Gilmore; Gary Brown; Larry Seehorn.


5th grade 1950 005 (Small).jpg

1950, Fifth Grade.

Top Row Left to Right: Karl Guenzel; Frank Loriman; ?;?;?;?; Glen Scritchfield; ?;?. Second Row from top: Leroy French; Gary Carriveau; ?; Barbara Hansen; ?; Marilyn Waters; Geraldine Meyers; James Stewart; Bill Johnson. Third Row from top: Sally Anderson; Harriett George; ?; Arlene Neumiller; ?; Marilyn Larsen; Sandra McCreight. Fourth Row from top: Wallace Sharpe; Richard Gilmore; Pat Allen; Gary Brown; Hugh Tinling; Gary Harris; Larry Seehorn. Bottom Row: ?; Lance Erie; ?; ?; Claude Fry; ?.

Special thanks to Gary Harris for this and other photographs from this era.

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