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Franklin Photo/Exhibit Gallery 2000s
Article By: Brian Shute, Ph.D., CCC

FranklinLightColorThanks (Small).jpg

The Spokane company, Interior Development East, purchased sweatshirts for every Franklin student and staff person. (Wow). This was perfectly timed for Christmas, 2011 and the cold weather. Here are some of us wearing them. Thanks IDE! Thanks also to graphics expert, Jill Poland.


Grads on Stage (Small).JPG
The 2009-2010 Grads on the Franklin stage. This was a fantastic celebration on June 10, 2010.


Entrance of the graduates (Small).JPG
June 10, 2010. The Grads enter and march to the stage. The Color Guard and flag Salute was given by Jacob and Ethan Jones.


Grads receive diploma (Small).JPG
June 10, 2010. Grads receiving their diploma. As a prelude, Heather Heidenreich and Tiffany Adams sang, "Titanic." Grads sang "We are the world" which was led by Olivia Davis. Ethan Myers was awarded the prestigious Cooper Jones Award.


Teresa Sauther (Small).JPG
June 10, 2010. Music teacher, Teresa Sauther, sang "I Hope You Dance." Inspirational speeches were offered by Mrs. Hanson, Mr. Malm and students, Shelby Potvin, Inna Shevchenko, Haley Proper and Sarah Horn. A terrific slide show by Kristine Campos was followed by cake and punch.


Mickey Hanson0609 (WinCE).JPG

"Take me to your leader." Caught at her desk, this June 2009 picture shows Principal Mickey Hanson smiling for the camera.


Some of Dr. Shute's Speech Students (Small).JPG

This June 2009 shot shows some speech kids at Dr. Shute's end-of-year speech party.


6th grade promo 061609 (small).jpg

June 2009 Promotion shots

Parade Beginning (Small).JPG

The beginning of the Franklin Parade on May 22, 2009.

Parade Crowd2 (Small).JPG

A large crowd at the Franklin Centennial Parade on May 22, 2009. This was a festive time in the history of Franklin and the Lilac City - a page is devoted just to it. To see more pictures of the Centennial Parade and Festival go here.

Parade Student 052209 (Small).jpg

This picture and caption came from the Spokesman Review Newspaper, March 23, 2009. Special thanks to the Spokesman Review for this photograph.


AlumniCrowd (Small).JPG

On May 21, 2009, an Alumni-Friends Reception took place to kick-off the Centennial Celebration. A page is devoted just to it. Take me to the page.


ntennial,FrontofFranklinSchool,Panorama,5-22-2009,medium (Small).jpg

These are panoramic views of the front and back of Franklin. Special thanks to Ray Mosher for these photographs taken around the time of the centennial celebration.

PanViewMosher052109 (Small).jpg


mickeydamein (Small).jpg

Esteemed principal, Mickey Hanson and a Franklin student smile for the camera at the St. Paddy's Day Parade, 2008.


FranklinFrontStairs052009 (Small).JPG

Welcome to Franklin. These are the Franklin front steps as they look in 2009. Countless photographs of kids in costumes have been taken in this very spot. Often taken around Christmas, a decorated tree is observed in the background. How many Franklin students and staff have climbed these stairs over the last century?

FranklinSchoolClassof1954,ChristmasPlay,1949,withnumbers (Small).jpg

Kids from the Christmas Play in 1949.

Entrance and MayPole (Small).JPG

In the front entrance area, you can see the May Pole and a picture of the student body. The May Pole Dance occurs each year with Mrs. Danica's class performing it.


FranklinStaff08-09 (Small).jpg

Meet the 2008-2009 Franklin staff. This shot was taken by Leo's Studio which is still doing a terrific job.

RedaAndrews2009 (Small).JPG

This is Mrs. Andrews, Office Manager, Chieftain, whose organizational efforts make Franklin spin like a top. Appreciated by students and staff alike. Photo taken May 2009.

Tama and Niki (Small).JPG

This May 2009 shot captures teachers Tama Jordan and Niki Gadau smiling for the camera.

Franklin 2006-2007.jpg

This 2006-2007 photograph was taken in front of the school next to ancient pines.

Franklin Snow 2007 (Small).JPG

This shot was taken in 2007 by Kristine Campos. It shows a dusting of snow on the beautiful Franklin grounds. In 2008, Spokane got record snow.

Lantern Walk11-06-08 008_edited (Small).jpg

On November 6, 2008, Franklin students enjoyed the annual Lantern Walk. This school wide festival involves student made lanterns that are highly decorated. Here, the Franklin community celebrates shorter days, cool nights, and bright stars. The brainchild of teacher Rebecca Danica about a dozen years ago, this yearly event involves scores of children with candle lanterns, singing, treats, and hot cider. The picture above shows students marching down the sidewalk along 17th. Special thanks to Devon Kelley for photographs.

Lantern Walk11-06-08 009 (Small).jpg

Here's a collection of some lanterns.

Lantern Walk11-06-08 012 (Small).jpg


MosherVisit3_edited (Small).jpg

This is Ray and Robert Mosher who attended Franklin in the 40s and 50s. They are sitting at the location of where Principal Widley had his desk many decades earlier. Brother Bob (in red) recalled being paddled by the Mr. Widley for a snowball throwing infraction. He also recalled that in this same room there were two switches next to each other; one for the recess/exit bell, the other for the fire alarm. Honored students were given the opportunity to "ring the bell." Bob explained that on one occasion, he accidently rang the fire alarm (it only happened once). The Moshers have been extremely helpful providing pictures, documents, oral histories, and other historical information!

Franklin Sketch (Small).jpg

Thomas Campos sketched this drawing of the Franklin School. In fact, the sketch is featured on a commemorative bar of soap and note cards which will be available at the Franklin Carnival on 4/25/09, the Alumni Reception on 5/21/09, and the Festival on 5/22/09. The commemorative soaps can also be found at Huckleberrys on the the South Hill, Simply Northwest on Sprague Avenue, or by contacting Newman Bluffs SoapWorks at (509) 448-5970.


Sayler,Marjorie, Bob2008-09 017 (Small).jpg

In September 2008, brother and sister Robert (Bobby) and Marjorie Sayler visited Franklin. They attended Franklin in the 1930s and it was certainly a treat to meet them! Here are the people shown from left to right: Brian Shute, Marjorie Sayler, Robert E. Sayler, Mickey Hanson. Note the bust of Benjamin Franklin in the background. Both Bobby and Marjorie have been helpful in the provision of pictures and artifacts.

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