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Franklin Photo/Exhibit Gallery 1920s
Article By: Brian Shute, Ph.D., CCC

FranklinSchool2 (Large).jpg

This excellent circa 1928 B.J. Lash photograph was taken on Franklin's front steps. No doubt these were graduating 8th graders. Names were handwritten on the back of the photograph and they are: Frank Du Boio; Myrtle Walton; Billy Malott; Florence Llewellyn; Marguerite Schuknecht; Cicil Frodsham (sp?); Paul Clausen; Beth Havens; Mavis Pratt; Bob Peterson; Rose May Sellars; Bill Koeppler; Beth Ivy; Nesta Emery; Joy Hobush; Jeanette Perry.

Chester Strausz is in the front row wearing glasses.
Particular thanks to his son, Steven Strausz for this photograph.

franklin 1924.jpg

This circa 1924 BJ Tash photograph was donated by Steven Strauez. It shows a smiling class of students with Chester Strausz second from
the left in the top row; and on the right of the top row is Lawrence Strausz. The shot was taken on Franklin's back steps which look the same to this day.


This B.J. Lash photograph was probably taken around 1918 on Franklin's front steps. It came from an AZO postcard style that was available during 1918-1930. The attire worn, including shoes, however, suggest that it was taken in the late teens or very early 20s. Note the twin girls, teacher, and attire. Also, a reflection in the back windows show smaller pines that are in front of the school. Here are the names that were written in pencil on the back.

Front Row: France Macdondl, Edna Lewellyn, Mary Wrather, Steven Barret, Ida Werner, Thomas Malott
Second Row: Margaret Hicks, Elaine and Eleanor Krause, Dorothy Seaburg, Vera Riley, Glenwood MacMackan
Third Row: Alfred Champion, Hazel Lundeen, Audrey Hock, Jack Kepler

1923 Franklin Baseball Team (Small).jpg

This group of boys and two females (probably teachers/coaches) made up the 1923 Franklin Baseball Team. The shot was taken by BJ Tash on the front lawn of Franklin. Heeahh Batta Batta Batta! The tiny spruce behind them is now a monsterous, huge, beautiful tree.

1928 Franklin Patriotic Pageant (Small).jpg

This spectacular crew of students posed for the 1928 Patriotic Pageant. The photograph was taken by B.J. Lash.


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