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Franklin Photo/Exhibit Gallery 1950s Volume 4
Article By: Brian Shute, Ph.D., CCC

DavidBruggerCirca1950 XmasPlayPix by Pete Long S.1728 Mt.Vernon St. (Small).jpg

Taken on the front entry stairs of the building, circa 1950, these smiling Candle Stick Kids posed for the camera. No doubt this was part of the Christmas presentation that year. Note the decorated Christmas tree in the background with tinsel strands shining. Pete Long, who lived in the Franklin Community, took the photograph and likely developed it himself. Of interest are the fabrics used in days gone by. One can tell just by looking that the pajama fabrics were thick, warm flannels that did not wear out...unlike the common fabrics of today. Special thanks to Diane Gust(Brugger)and family for this and other pictures spanning multiple generations.


Kitty and Mr. Wildey (Small).jpg

1950, Kitty Lou Kenney and Principal Wildey. Special thanks to Benita Mason (Blue) for this and other pictures from this era.

1950 6 of us (Small).jpg

1950, "The night of our 8th grade graduation."

Front row: Benita Blue, Ann Lawson, Anita Bartoo and Susan Melrose.
Back row, Kitty Kenny, Doreen Dodge.

Historical Note: Benita reported in May 2009 that many of these friends still gather and remain in touch--A tribute to Franklin friends and ties.


Miss Sperber Retirement 1950 (Small).jpg

1950, Miss Sperber receiving a gift at her retirement.

Kinder1951 (Small).jpg

1950 Franklin Kindergarten Class

8-yearstudent1950 (Small).jpg

1950 Eight Years Together

Historical Note: Mobility was increasing in the 1950s as shown by this photograph and the next. These 12 students began kindergarten together and continued through to eighth grade graduation. In yesteryears, students stayed together like a flock. It was easy to predict who the teacher was going to be and the other students in a given class. Compared to the 35 students in the next picture, there was an influx of families who moved into the Franklin Community between kindergarten and eighth grade. In fact, Franklin was bursting at the seams and a bigger facility was needed-- it came in 1953 with the West Wing addition.

GradClass1950 (Small).jpg

1950 Graduating Class

First row: Donnie Ruffles, John Heinz, Jimmy Clement, Chuck Christensen, Gary Wood, Jay Jay Nooney.
Second row, Susan Melrose, Donna Crowe, Anita Bartoo, Kitty Lou Kenney, Barbara Strickland, Marilyn McMacken, Betty Davis, Nancy Harrison.
Third row: JoAnn Nance, LaDonna Stallment, Gwen Cauvel, Reno Rupert, Ann Lawson, Joanna Tarkington, Benita Blue, Joan Denoo, Patsy Ives, Bonnie Melius, Carol Miller.
Top Row: Mike Skaer, David Knerr, Dick Davis, Patty Davis, Patty Johnson, Doreen Dodge, Theo Dillon, Judy Yake, Paul Hatcher, Chuck Tweedy. Special thanks to Benita Mason (Blue) for providing names for this picture and this era.

50th HS ReunionPixFranklin group (Small).jpg

According to Benita Mason (Blue), "this was taken [2004] at the dinner get-together we "Franklinites" had five years ago this summer at the time of our 50th high school reunion. Oh wow - I do better on the old pictures but-- Front seated: LaDonna Stallman, Benita Blue, Carol Miller, possibly Joan Denoo. Next row: Ann Lawson, ?, Doreen Dodge, Patty Johnson, Joanna Tarkington, Susan Melrose, Gwen Cauvel, Kitty Kenny. The guy in the back is David Knerr, but I do not know who the other gals are back there."


First Grade 1951 (Small).jpg

1951 Franklin First Grade Class


1952Kinder (Small).jpg

1952 Franklin Kindergarten Class in front of the Kinderhouse. Special thanks to Kim Jones, Class of 1960, for this and other artifacts from this era.

1953FirstGrade (Small).jpg

1953 Franklin First Grade

ThirdGrade1953 (Small).jpg

1953 Franklin Third Grade Class

1954SecondGrade (Small).jpg

1954 Franklin Fourth Grade Class

1955FourthGrade (Small).jpg

1955 Franklin Fourth Grade Class

1956 4th Grade Ruth Olsen (Small).jpg

1956-1957, Fourth Grade, Mrs. Green

Bottom Row left to right: Laurel Grandinetti, Carolyn Billings, Richie Fitzpatrick, (?), (?).
Row 2: (?), Dick Jones, Lonnie Craft, Jim White, Gary Aussing, Gale Parrish, Dennis May, Clifton Barber, Bob Taylor.
Row 3: Mancy Perrone, (?), Maureen Cooper, Karen Olsen, Patty Chapman, Joyce Palmer, Michelle Davis, Christine Brakel, (?), Molly George.
Row 4: Doug Steward, (?), John Taylor, (?), (?), Stan Howard, Keith Jacobson, (?), Mrs. Green.
Special thanks to Karen Ruth(Olsen)for this and other pictures from this era.

FifthGrade1954-55 (Small).jpg

1955 Franklin Fifth Grade Class
1956Fifth (Small).jpg

1956 Franklin Fifth Grade Class, Mrs. Taylor

First Row, left to right: Kim Jones Kevin Anderson, Arlen Humann
Second Row: Suzanne Kincaid, Maureen Fowle, Margaret McDonald, Denise Byrnes, Mary Zalak, Patsy Clark, Diane Van
Third Row: Mrs. Taylor, Carol Sandberg, Connie Oliver, Bonnie Jackman, Betty Brakel, Christie Bechtel, Chris Amsberry, Sherrie Bellinger
Fourth Row: Greg Berquist, Joey Murphy, Bob Myers, Nickey Beamer, Bill Curtis, Ross Vordahl, Mike Corkram, Jimmy Wynne


6thGrade1955-56 (Small).jpg

1956 Franklin Sixth Grade Class

Names that may be associated with this picture. (Names, genders, and sequence did not match exactly on attached card) Ricky Ransom, Bud Herman, Ken Muench, Gary Morgan, Richard Mineker, Jim Wilson, Karen Kimily, Liz Klobisciky, Sandra Clason, Judy Gronatha, Martha Turner, Patty Kidder, Pat Coy, Janet Durban, Retta Walker, Jone Rabe, Pam Fergeson, Janet Jones, Nancy Davis, Sandra Gowanwick, Joan Butcher, Marty Coulter, Linda Trailer, Carol Donavon, Jo-Rene Moore, Mrs. Nogle, Mr. Hardan, Bob Loree, John Stanton, Dave Brugger, Dan Bush, Jack Bectel, Jack Curl, Bill Zielky, Pat Willard, Tom Kelly

1957 5th Grade RuthOlsen (Small).jpg

1957-1958, Fifth Grade Class, Mrs. Taylor

Bottom Row left to right: Christine Brakel, Bob Taylor, Laurel Grandinetti, Dick Jones, Carolyn Billings.
Row 2: Kelly Messinger, Michael Carter, MerleBell, Gale Parrish, Doug Stewart, Jim White, Richard Stein, Clifton Barber.
Row 3: Mrs. Taylor, Vernice Chaney, Michelle Davis, Karen Olsen, Nacy Perrone, Sheila Jones, Patty Chapman, Shirley Patrick, Joyce Palmer, Maureen Cooper, Carla Lenord.
Row 4: Gary Aussing, Lonnie Craft, Stan Howard, Mark W. John Taylor, Mike Boran, Keith Jacobson, David Siem.


1957SixthGrade (Small).jpg

1957 Franklin Sixth Grade, Mrs. Gorrber

First Row, left to right: Susie Kincaid, Mary Zalak, Patsy Clark, Lucinda Coulter
Second Row: Kevin Anderson, David Kapus, Kim Jones, Mike Corkram, Greg Berquist, Jimmy Wynne, Arlen Humann
Third Row: Peggy McDonald, Sherrie Bellinger, Bonnie Jackman, Christie Bechtel, Connie Oliver, Denise Byrnes, Maureen, Fowle
Fourth Row: Mrs. Gorrber, Ross Vordahl, Vic Sacek, Jimmy Neill, Nickey Beamer, Billy Curtis, Bob Myers, Joey Murphy, Mr. Hardin


7thgrade1956-57 (Small).jpg

1957 Franklin Seventh Grade Class

8thGrade1957 (Small).jpg

1957 Franklin Eighth Grade Class, Mrs. Nogle

1958 6th Grade RuthOlsen (Small).jpg

1958-1959, Sixth Grade Class, Mrs. Goraber

Bottom Row left to right: Dennis May, Dick Jones, Kelly Messinger, Laurel Grandinetti, Merle Bell, Richie Firzpatrick, Kent Warren.
Row 2: Pam Wenz, Nancy Perrone, Karen Olson, Sheila Jones, Shirley Patrick, Maureen Cooper, Christine Brakel, Mrs. Goraber, Carolyn Billings.
Row 3: Michael Carter, Gale Parrish, Jim White, Stan Howard, Mike Boran, John Taylor, Doug Stewart, David Siem, Richard Stein.


1958SeventhGrade (Small).jpg

1958 Franklin Seventh Grade Class, Miss Ogilvie

Front Row, left to right: Arlen Humann, Kim Jones, Greg Berquist, Kevin Anderson, Jimmy Wynne
Second Row: Lucinda Coulter, Pat Clark, Maureen Fowle, Chuck Grossman, David Kapus, Connie Oliver, Mary Zalak, Susie Kincaid
Third Row: Sherrie Bellinger, Carol Sandberg, Margaret McDonald, Christie Bechtel, Betty Brakel, Bonnie Jackman, Denise Byrnes, Chris Amsberry, Mr. Hardin
Fourth Row: Vic Sacek, Jim Neill, Bob Myers, Bill Curtis, Nickey Beamer, Ross Vordahl, John Crook(?)


1959 7thGrade RuthOlsen (Small).jpg

1959-1960, Seventh Grade Class, Miss Olgilvie

Bottom Row left to right: Kent Warren, Dan Dillon, Merle Bell, Joyce Palmer, Laurel Grandinetti, Carolyn Billings.
Row 2: Christine Brakel, Nancy Perrone, Jerri Roe, Sheila Jones, Maureen Cooper, Karen Olsen, Patty Allen.
Row 3: Gale Parrish, Jim White, Stan Howard, David Seim, Doug Stewart, Mike Carter, Gary Syely, Dennis May.
Row 4: Gary Aussing, Lonnie Craft, Stan Howard, Mark W., John Taylor, Mike Boran, Keith Jacobson, David Siem.


1959Eighth (Small).jpg

1959 - 1960 Eighth Grade Class, Mr. Hamilton

Front Row, left to right: Mr. Hardin, Jim Wynne, Susie Kincaid, Cindy Coulter, Sherrie Bellinger, Pat Clark, Greg Burquist, Leonard Grant
Second Row: Maureen Fowle, Christy Bechtel, Christine Amsberry, Carol Sandberg, Betty Brakel, Peggy McDonald, Bonnie Jackman, Connie Oliver, Mary Zalak
Third Row: Arlen Humann, Kim Jones, Vic Sacek, Jim Neill, Bill Curtis, Nickey Beamer, Bob Myers, Chuck Grossman, David Kapus, Mr. Hamilton


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