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Franklin Photo/Exhibit Gallery 1960s
Article By: Brian Shute, Ph.D., CCC

Sheila1A (Small).jpg

In the 60s the Franklin basement had Ping Pong tables and there were district champions that rose to the top. This 1961 newspaper clip shows Sheila Jones, Joyce Palmer and Leslie Cooper as Franklin Ping Pong champions. Bob Gardner was from Finch; and Bob Griffith and Kerry Baker were from Garfield School. Particular thanks to Janet Jones Bluhm of Surprise, Arizona for this photograph.


Dean Carriveau 1962 Spokane Coliseum (Small).JPG

This 1962 photograph of the All City Christmas concert was taken at the Spokane Coliseum. The entire main floor of the venue was covered with band, string, chorus groups, and special choirs made up of kids from all of District 81 schools. They used to pack the house in those days as there was huge parent interest and kid involvement. Franklin student, Dean Carriveau, is in the second row, fifth from the left. Another student from Franklin, Stanton (Stan) Parish is fourth from the right on the top row. Special thanks to Dean Carriveau for this and other photographs from this period. For more information about these pictures go to the Oral-Written History section.

Dean Carriveau 1962 (Small).JPG

Dean Carriveau poses for the camera before the 1962 Christmas concert.


Franklin Carols1967 edited (Small).jpeg

This circa 1967 picture from the Spokesman Review shows a group of people singing Christmas carols in the Franklin neighborhood. All of them, except the ponies, Angel and Satin, graduated from Franklin School. Eberhardt "Abe" Frederking is Santa; Shannon and Shelly Birchill are in red sweaters (Shelly is closest to the ponies which she leased from Abe); Nancy Moar is in the red scarf; Don Coleman is last boy on the left. Jeff Stewart is in the straw hat; Louise Coleman is the female with glasses; to Abe's left is Randy Stewart; in front of him is Tommy Moar. The picture was taken in Graham Larson's front yard around 13th Street. The wagon belonged to Abe (whose parents homesteaded the area) and, in snowy winters, the wheels were removed and it became a sleigh. Note the bows on the ponies and their curiosity of the photographer. Old homesteads and farms existed around Franklin School. Even though it's not, this photograph truly resembles a work of Norman Rockwell!


1967Frank Kinderhouse.jpg

This picture was taken in 1967 in front of the Franklin Kinderhouse on Mt. Vernon Street. The woman in glasses is Kindergarten teacher, Mrs. Chamberlin. The little girl is Shelly Birchill-Pederson who is now a teacher at Franklin. (She couldn't stay away) The little boy in plaid is Scott Findly. The other lad is Johnny (last name unknown). We don't know the name of the women in sunglasses. The house and land behind it was purchased, in part, from money obtained by parent groups-- dinners, socials, and other functions helped to raise money. Parents in the community built the miniature furniture that was used inside too. The Franklin Kinderhouse was torn down sometime in the late 60s or 70s. For a little more information about the Franklin Kinderhouse read the Blast From The Past article.

Franklin Class of 1962 (Small).jpg

1962, Graduating Class of 1962

Front: Mr. James Hamilton, Sydney Allison, Eddy Franz, George Harrison, Anita Davis, Kay Tobias, Miss Peg Tully (principal), Martha Lawson, Kay Olney, Alan Carriveau, Ricky Novak, Mike Hall, James Bolton, Paul Idding, Mr. McCarthy

2nd Row: Mike Van Horne, Rick Deno, Bruce Finney, Linda Dodte, Joany Bush, Ron Lowery, Dan White, Rodger Hartman, Robert Hartman, Jean Fullington, Karey Lou Moylan, Bonnie Campbell, Sandra Garver, Bonnie White, Diane Alfano, Norm Wells

3rd Row: Tom McMullen, Nancy Taggart, Sharon Rosenbalm, Larry Moore, Dianne Blumhagen, Donald Dalquist, Steve Durbin, Ron Westlund, Dan DeMulling, Judy Hart, Pat Herrmann, Steve Earsley, Larry Coolbaugh, Judy Wilson, Ruth Haynes

4th Row: Beth Kalinoski, Susan Brown, Dave Litzenberger, Susan Crawford, Wayne (Buddy) Revious, Molly, McConnell, Mark Mors, Charlyn Fulton, John Carver, Don Brown, Merry Ludberg, Greg Bogus, Maridel (Virginia) Carter, Tim Burdine, Bonnie Bell, Janet Claeson, Steve Hanson, Art Johnson

013 (Small) (WinCE).jpg

In front of old gym on the last day of Eighth Grade, 1962. "Schooool's out for the summer!" Don Brown, Mr. James Hamilton, John Carver

001 (Small).jpg

1960-1961, Class of 1962, Seventh Grade, Miss Ogilvie

Front Row: Sandra Garver, Kay Tobias, Jean Fullington
2nd Row: Burton Smith, Robert Hartman, Bruce Finney, Steve Durbin, Mike Van Horne, Rodger Hartman, Rick Deno, James Bolton
3rd Row: Karey Lou Moylan, Diane Wynne, Janet Claeson, Linda Dodte, Beth Kalinoski, Charlyn Fulton, Merry Ludberg, Ann Geese, Ruth Haynes, Bonnie Bell
4th Row: Dave Litzenberger, Noel Waters, Dave Glaze, Ron Westlund, Don Brown, Greg Bogus,Tim Burdine, Art Johnson, Bob Stallings

Particular thanks to Robert Hartman for providing some of the names in this photograph.

Bob Hartman Photo (Small).jpg

1961-1962, Class of 1962, Eighth Grade, Mr. McCarty

Top Row: Mike Van Horne, Maridel Carter, Larry Coolbaugh, Diane
Blumhagen, Mark Mors, Judy Hart, Norm Wells.
Third Row: Anita Davis, Paul Iddins, Martha Lawson, Robert Hartman, Susie Brown, Edy Franz, Bonnie White.
Second Row: Donald Dahlquist, Sidney Allison, Larry Moore, Judy Wilson ?, Kay Olney, Dan White, Pat Herrman, Tom McMullen.
Bottom Row: Mr. McCarty,Susan Crawford, Joanne Bush, John Carver, Bonnie Campbell, George Harrison, Nancy Taggart, Alan Carriveau.

Special thanks to Robert Hartman for this photograph.


022 (Small).jpg

1961-1962, Class of 1962, Eighth Grade, Mr. James Hamilton

Front: Mr. Hamilton, Bonnie Bell, Dan DeMulling, Rodger Hartman, Mike Hall, Art Johnson, James Bolton, Ron Lowry
2nd Row: Don Brown, Charlyn Fulton, Tim Burdine, Ruth Haynes, Steve Earsley, Linda Dodte, Greg Bogus, Diane Wynne
3rd Row: Kay Tobias, Wayne "Buddy" Revious, Merry Ludberg, Steve Durbin, Beth Kalinoski, Dave Litzenberger, Janet Claeson, Rick Deno, Sharon Rosenbalm
4th Row: Ricky Novak, Sandra Garver, Bruce Finney, Molly McConnell, Bob Stallings, Jean Fullington, Ron Westlund, Karey Lou Moylan

010 (WinCE).jpg

This circa 1961 shot is of Sharon Rosenbaum standing in front of the old Franklin Gym.

6th Grade Mrs. Goraber59-60 (Small).jpg

1960, Class or 1962, Sixth Grade class of Mrs. Goraber. Special thanks to Dianne Blumhagen-LaBissioniere for this and other pictures from this era.

Historical Note: This 1960 classroom photograph was the first one in the Franklin archives to be developed in color. Other pictures before this time were developed in black and white. Interestingly, the graduating class picture of 1962, which came after this time, was developed in black and white.

011 (Small) (WinCE).jpg

In front of Franklin on the last day of 8th Grade, 1962: Judy Hart and Don Brown

1960 8thGradeRuthOlsen (Small).jpg

1960-1961, Eighth Grade Class, Mr. Leinweber, Mr. Hamilton

Bottom Row left to right: Terry Stallcop, Roland Stearns, Tom Lawson, Kent Warren
Row 2: Stephne Mujie, Laurel Hansen, Joyce Palmer, Tim Sharp, Shirley Patrick, Dan Dillon, Maureen Cooper, Judy Adams, Carolyn Billings
Row 3: Mr. Hardin, Mr. Hamilton, Jim Morgan, Gale Parrish, Pete Howard, Dick Jellerson, Jim Williams, Dennis M, Jim White, Ricky Olson, Merle Bell, Mr. Leinweber.
Row 4: Kathy Jones, Christine Brakel, Nancy Perrone, Judy Howard, Kathleen Stevens, Diane Newett, Marilyn Murray, Sheila Jones, Jerri Roe, Karen Olsen, Leslie Cooper, Sharon Lartz.
Row 5: Mike Carter, Doug Stewart, David Hill, Ron Miller, Steve Niemela, John Elmer, Rick Blumhagen, Stan Howard, Larry Wilson, David Seim, Richard McGovney.

(sm)1960FranklinCheerLeaders KarenOlsen,ChristineBrakel,Diane Blumhagen, JoycePalmer,CarolynBillings,JudyHart,KathyJones,LeslieCooper (Small).jpg

1960 Franklin Cheerleaders

Karen Olsen, Christine Brakel, Diane Blumhagen, Joyce Palmer, Carolyn Billings, Judy Hart, Kathy Jones, Leslie Cooper.

Special thanks to Karen Ruth (Olsen) for this and other pictures from this era.


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