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Franklin Photo Exhibit/Gallery 1940s Volume 2
Article By: Brian Shute, Ph.D., CCC

1940Class of 1940 (Small).jpg

1940 Graduating Class

Row I: Jim Allen, Dorothy Freese, Lloyd Seahorn, William Snyder, Clifford Hult, Mary Jane Farnell, Ralph Anderson, Mariona Cromie
Row 2: Dorothy Walker, Beverly Murphy, Donna Cyer, Fat Corkery, Barbara N. [sic] Butch Hollingswath, Gracie Emery, Janet Johnson, Jack Belt, Betty Maabs
Row 3 : Bob Knight, Virginia Stifee, Jim Morgan

Teachers who were teaching at Franklin were written on the back of this photograph. They included: Clara A Gillard, Christie Reierson, Alice H. Winslow, Agnes Blomberg, Dorthea G. Rousseau, Edith Ogilvie, Laura M. Sperber, Austin M. Henry, R.R. Coolbaugh (Custodian)


1940 8yearsTogether Seahorn (Small).jpg

1940 Eight Years Together
Bottom Row : 1 Mary Jane Farnell, 2 Dorothy Freese, 3 Beverly Murphy, 4 Lloyd Seahorn, 5 Janet Johnson, 6 Ralph Anderson, 7 Gracie Emery, 8 Betty Maab (ink smeared for last name)
Top Row: 1 Donna Dyer, 2 Robert Hollingswath, 3 Cliffort Hult

Special thanks to Lloyd Seahorn for this and other photographs from this era.

1945Third_GradeBenitaBlue (Small).jpg

1945 Third Grade Class. Special thanks to Benita Mason (Blue) for this and many other pictures and names from this era.


1946councilBenitaBlue (Small).jpg

June, 1946 Council and Patrol. The principal was Austin Henry.

First row: Jay Jay Nooney, Maurice Hood, Jimmy Colby, Leroy Tarbet, ? Tom Haggerty, Peter Riley.
Second row: Benita Blue, ? Jo Anne Sutor, ?, Janice Brown, ?, Lynn Stewart, Jeanette Farley.
Third row: Dick Allen, ?, Skip Stewart, Evelyn Christen, Mary Shalkau, Christen Runkle, ?, Ronnie Davidson, ?.
Top row: Jerrine Chestnut, Phyllis Forker, ?, ?, Gunnard Johnson, Patty Haggarty, ?.

"I may have mispelled some of these names and do not know some of them - since I was in the fourth grade, most of them were BIG kids." BBM


1946Grads Scott Stewart (Small).jpeg

1946 Franklin Graduating Class, A Section.

Historical Note: During the 1940s there were many students who needed to be taught-- too many for the school. As a result, grades were split into "A and B Sections" and taught af different times. In fact, Franklin was the only school in the district with A/B Sections. This picture is of the Graduating A Section. Somewhere on the planet in a dusty chest, there is likely a B Section Photograph. Maybe you have it? Special thanks to Scott Stewart and Bud and Lynne (Stewart) Moore for this photograph.


1946fourth_gradeBenitaBlue (Small).jpg

1946 Fourth Grade Class


1948Sixth_gradeBenitaBlue (Small).jpg

May, 1948 Sixth Grade Class

First Row: John Heinz, Jimmy Clement, David Knerr, Jay Jay Nooney, Donnie Ruffles.
Second Row: Bonnie Melius, Carol Miller, Theo Dillion Patsy Ives, JoAnn Nance, Patty Davis, Anita Bartoo, Betty Davis, Judy Yake.
Third Row: Reno Rupert, Ann Lawson, Joan Nord, Barbara Brown, Doreen Dodge, Marion Hansen, Marilyn McMacken, Kitty Lou Kenney, Joanna Tarkington, Joan Denoo, Benita Blue, Willie Ann Chapin.
Fourth Row: Stanton Ford, Ronald Crowe, Paul Hatcher.


1949 7th_grade (Small).jpg

May 1949 Seventh Grade

Front row - Donnie Ruffles, Mike Skaer, Jimmy Clements, David Knerr, Paul Hatcher, Gary Wood, Jay Jay Nooney.
Second row - Barbara Brown, Theo Dillon, Marilyn McMackin, Kitty Lou Kenney, Joan Nord, Gwen Cauvel, Susan Melrose, Donna Crowe.
Third row - Carol Miller, Anita Bartoo, JoAnn Nance, Joanna Tarkington, Patsy Ives, Judy Yake, Ann Lawson, Betty Davis.
Fourth row - John Heinz, LaDonna Stallman, Reno Rupert, Joan Denoo, Patty Davis, Benita Blue Bonnie Melius, Dick Davis.


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