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1957 Franklin "Yearbook"
Article By: Brian Shute, Ph.D., CCC

Historical Notes: The following is a transcription of the "Yearbook" for the class of 1957 at Franklin Grade School. Most of the original spelling and punctuation errors have been left unchanged. The original copy is in the possession of Ray Mosher, class of 1957. RM

The writer(s) of this document are unknown and it is loosely called a "yearbook." I suspect that it was written by a graduating student, perhaps one that kept a journal or diary. Whoever generated the document was savvy to the incoming students and national events. It's divided into three parts, History, Will, and Prophesy. Commonly, graduating eighth graders would "will" their talents or dreaded idiosyncracies to a lower classman. Somehow, it would be typed up into a kind of homemade, "humorous" document observed through the eyes of fellow classmates... a bitter sweet glimpse of memories. A similar practice was noted in a 1924 "yearbook." My mother-in-law who was educated in California also recalled this practice in the 1950s. Beyond this, I don't know how this "Will" tradition got started, how wide spread it was, or when or how it actually stopped. Although witty and a little questionable in spots, I have decidedly redacted the Prophesy portion to eliminate names and the possibility of embarrassment or something. Times change and so do contexts and humor. I think that if the document was a little older, I would not alter it in any fashion. Interestingly, the original document was both right and left justified--a timely, conscious process in the days of the manual typewriter. Particular thanks to Ray Mosher for transcribing this document into a readable computer form. BS


This is a history: the story of the graduating class of "57" at Franklin School. Now, let's go back to the year 1949. In this year Truman was president, the North Atlantic Treaty was signed and 26 six-and seven-year olds were enrolled at Franklin School. They were ELLEN TOWNE, HARRIETT POTTS, KENNY MARQUARDT, MARIANNE MOLINE, VERNON NEUMILLER, KAREN ERIE, BILL AIGNER, PAMELA CURL, STEPHEN SYMMS, LINDA CALHOUN, CAROL FORD, GARY MAHN, MARY ELLEN MYRENE, GARY SANDBERG, RON PERRONE, ELDON FRY, LARRY CARTER, ROGER DIRSTINE, RAY MOSHER, STEVE FERGUSON, GINNY BISHOP, DAVID HAYES, JANE HOWARD, DENNIS, McMACKEN, JOY CONRAD, AND MICHELE CATTANACH. They were divided between Miss Laurence and Mrs. Bergmark. For nine long months these children worked and toiled. Then came June, and they were promoted to grade two.

Well, time passes on and in 1950 they entered the second grade with the additions of ART BRAKEL and DON MANOR.

In this year the beginning of the Korean War marked the pages of history. Mrs. Green and Mrs. Bergmark abided with our history makers during this era. The second grade was finally ended and the students said goodby for the summer.

The war was still raging when Mrs. Coon and Mrs. Freeman welcomed the group into the third grade with JEANNE BAKER and GLORIA REED joining the group. In January, STEVEN PEASE joined us. June then came and we were excused from our daily routine for the summer.

September, 1952, arrives. It was in this year that Eisenhower was elected president of the United States, with a promise of attempting to end the Korean War. In our Franklin School, four students join the group. They were JIM AMSBERRY, BRUCE DUNCAN, LANE MORLAN, and DRUCILLA GNAGEY. Mrs. Leyson and Miss Thomas aided us in the daily routine of reading, writing, and arithmetic. Nine months come to an end. We are promoted and excused for the summer.

September, 1953, rolls around and here we are back in school again! This time in grade five. Miss Blomberg and Mr. Hale are our teachers. This year, as usual, there are some new arrivals. They are DAVID HEINECK, SHARON THACKWELL, and BARBARA BRICKER. In April MARIANNE MOLINE leaves the group. This is Mr. Wildey’s last year at Franklin. Well, June is here and our report cards are handed to us and we walk out of the fifth grade for the last time.

September is here again, and we find ourselves in the sixth grade with Mrs. Goraber, Miss Rousseau, and Mr. Hale leading the class. Throughout the year there are some new arrivals. They are JIM DAVIS, DENNY CAMPBELL, and DONNA HUMANN. Another new arrival is Mr. Hardin, our new principal. June quickly comes and we find ourselves saying goodby to the sixth grade.

September has rolled around again. It is the year of ’55. Mr. Kingsland and Miss Ogilvie welcome our group along with SANDRA SARTOR, BELINDA OLIVER, DICK TOBIAS, TOM NEWMAN, and in December LINDA MUIJE. Finally we are promoted to grade eight and excused for the summer.

It is the last September in grade school. It is 1956. Mr. Derr and Mrs. Nogle have welcomed us along with MARY JO MITCHELL, BOB STALLCOP, BOB GREEN, KEN BARD, and DENNIS SOLES. MARIANNE MOLINE rejoins us. Later in the year, Mr. Derr and Mrs. Nogle are given birthday parties. It is one way in which we say thanks for preparing us for high school and teaching us everything we need to know in the eighth grade.

We also want to extend our thanks to Mr. Hardin, the principal, Mrs. Allen, the secretary, Miss Rousseau, our librarian, Mrs. Gardner, art instructor, Miss Dore and Mr. Derr, our physical education teachers, Miss Davis, music teacher, and all the other teachers we have had in the past eight years.

It is June 6, 1957, we have come to receive our diplomas. Some are sad, some are happy, and some are excited, but all any of us can is a "Goodby Franklin School. Next --- on to Lewis and Clark!


The last will and testament of the graduating class of "1957."

PAM CURL leaves her big brown eyes and eyelashes to Michael Wheeler.
BELINDA OLIVER will her artistic ability to Linda Traylor.
ELLEN TOWNE leaves her quiet and reserved ways to Susan Warriner.
SANDRA SARTOR leaves her individuality to Carole Clarke.
GLORIA REED wills her height and pretty hair to Shirlee Assing.
KAREN ERIE leaves her sparkling personality to Karen Larsen.
LINDA CALHOUN leaves her pretty smile to Nancy Glaze.
HARRIETT POTTS leaves her determination to Janice Hill.
CAROL FORD leaves her naturally curly hair to Marie Hendrickson.
JEANNE BAKER leaves her dark brown hair to Janice Finney.
MARY JO MITCHELL leaves her pony tail to Linda Bard.
MICHELE CATTANACH leaves her conscientious ways and pretty smile to Kathleen Palmer.
GARY MAHN wills his romantic ways and life to Mark Kempthorne.
STEVE SYMMS wills his blond wavy hair and "slim Jim" appearance to Robert Yake.
BOB GREEN wills his quiet and studious ways to Vaughn Vordahl.
STEVEN PEASE wills his dancing ability, especially the Charleston, to James Mott.
DICK TOBIAS leaves his flashy smile to Stewart Riley.
DENNY CAMPBELL wills his ability to crack a joke whenever it is needed to John Knerr.
ART BRAKEL wills his ability to imitate animals to Thomas Hallett.
KENNY MARQUARDT leaves his neat appearance to Michael Harrison.
DAVID HEINECK leaves his ease to talk to people to Robin Cooper.
BRUCE DUNCAN leaves his creative ability to Jack Bechtel.
BILL AIGNER wills his jolly and silly ways to Bill Gerald.
JIM AMSBERRY leaves his good disposition to Charles Dillon.
JIM DAVIS leaves his comical ways to Danny Masters.
VERNON NEUMILLER wills his ability to build racing bugs to Robert Jurgensen.
ROGER DIRSTINE wills his pleasant personality and attractive smile to Irvin Chapman.
RAY MOSHER gives his good working ability to Bud Herman.
SHARON THACKWELL gives her flirting ways and twenty-inch waist to Carol Donovan.
BOB STALLCOP wills his mathematical ability and scientific mind to Bob Loree.
JANE HOWARD bequeaths her stunning facial structure and large vocabulary to Joan Rabe.
TOM NEWMAN wills his ability to take a job and happy ways to Jack Curl.
STEVE FERGUSON leaves his powerful batting skills to Jim Wilson.
MARY ELLEN MYRENE gives her pretty freckles and track ability to Patty Kidder.
GARY SANDBERG bequeaths his good school grades to Bill Zielke.
GINNY BISHOP wills her beautiful smile and winning ways to JoRene Moore.
RONNIE PERRONE leaves his flirting ways and good personality to Marc Nogle.
DONALD MANOR wishes his all around athletic ability to go to Richard Taylor.
DONNA HUMAN bequeaths her pretty hair and flashing eyes to Karen Kiemle.
DAVID HAYES leaves his clever smile and knack for mischief to John Stanton.
DRUCILLA GNAGEY wills her dancing ability and small features to Martha Turner.
KEN BARD bequeaths his pretty girlish dimples and becoming smile to Gary Morgan.
LANE MORLAN leaves his unruly hair and musical voice to Richard Cummings.
JOY CONRAD wishes to leave her long curly hair and long eyelashes to Pam Ferguson.
DENNIS SOLES wills his comical laugh and book reading ability to Tom Kelly.
LINDA MUIJE leaves her stunning legs and cute nose to Diane Orwig.
ELDON FRY wills his curly hair and sly ways to Richard Ransom.
LARRY CARTER bequeaths some of his many pen pals (mainly girls) to Pat Willard.
BARBARA BRICKER wills her sewing ability and tiny, but pretty figure to Janet Durbin.
DENNIS McMACKEN leaves his good disposition and laughing eyes to Steve Northway.
MARIANNE MOLINE bequeaths her very clever wit and jovial outlook to Nancy Davis.

Hello, all you wonderful people. We are broadcasting from Station FGS. The date is June 6, 1977. We are about to present the fabulous graduating class of '57 at their class reunion. We will now turn the evening over to those never-ceasing talkers, XXXXX and XXXXX.
Here we are, XXXXX and XXXXX, at the class reunion of the Franklin graduating class of '57. The year is 1977. We are going to give you a brief lineup of the different personalities as we see them.
We arrived here in our speedy 1909 Plymouth. We understand that a former member of this class, XXXXX, is now designing the ash trays in the Plymouth.

Now to-but, oh! Who's that rushing in? Why it's perky XXXXX, the nations singing sensation, and what's that in her hand? Why it's a "Golden Record" received for her number one record, "All Messed Up", written by XXXXX. We were informed that when he was in his music class at Franklin, he copied music often. Let's listen a minute to XXXXX and some of her former classmates.

Oh my! Isn't that a stunning gown? Well it's understandable, XXXXX is wearing it. You know she designed it and has become a well-known designer.

What's that clatter over there in the corner and all those people gathered about? Oh! XXXXX, the nation's trillionaire, has just dropped a pocketfull of change. Isn't that XXXXX, the playboy, standing next to him? He's been living with XXXXX for quite some time. In his spare time he continues his folk dancing. Here he is with the gang of '57.

Shall we join XXXXX. "XXXXX, did I understand that he said while on his world tour he saw XXXXX, who hunts heads in Africa to sell as souvenirs in the states. XXXXX was assisting him in this daring task.

That thing flying in the air just missed me. Oh, well, its only XXXXX. What is he in the air for? "XXXXX, haven't you heard?" He flies through the air with the greatest of ease, he's the man on the flying trapeze, and he just knocked down XXXXX. Her career is specializing in the designing of small shoes.

There's XXXXX standing in the corner. She has made her career selling worms to fishing agencies.

Who is that? A professor in our midst? It's XXXXX. He's well-known for his mathematical mind. He looks rather studious, maybe we ought to move on.

I think I hear reveille? It's XXXXX (hee-hee) our Boy Scout still trying to get his tenderfoot rank. Didn't XXXXX design his uniform? Her profession is making Boy Scout uniforms.

I wonder who made the spaghetti they are serving tonight. It's wonderful! Naturally it is made by the Perrone Spaghetti Company. XXXXX is the owner and proprietor of the company and XXXXX is the head cook and "boss".

This dinner must have cost a fortune. Speaking of money, did you know that XXXXX makes her living by selling her vast coin collection back to the government?

Why is that maniac running around the room? I think it must be XXXXX, the all-around athlete. We hear he goes to the Olympics- in his spare time. We also have other sports fans in our group, such as XXXXX, the Spokane Flyers Club mascot, and XXXXX, the pitcher for the Brooklyn Dodgers.

"My ears!" XXXXX, now an interpretive reading star on TV, is giving one of her readings.

"Ouch", "My gracious, what was that?" XXXXX trying out his spit wads. He manufactures them, you know. He sells them to the children to torment the teachers. He just hit one of his old classmates, XXXXX, the famous southern belle. In her childhood days, she wanted so much to marry a southern gentleman and live in the South, spending the rest of her life as a southern belle.

There is a strange noise outside and little children looking as though they are have a gay frolic. It has to be XXXXX. He owns thousands of roller coasters throughout the country.

We have arranged to have some of the more talented members of this class perform. XXXXX will do one of her well-known can-can dances. I believe there is someone with her.

Say, I recognized the author of the gorry science fiction novel I read the other night, XXXXX. It was rather horrifying and to get myself to sleep I read soothing poetry written by XXXXX, entitled "Blood on the Moon".

The last time I heard from XXXXX, she was in Africa on a mission. I cannot understand how she got here so fast. How could I forget-she flew up here in her jet plane. She flies a jet plane for kicks.

XXXXX couldn't be with us this fine day, because she couldn't get away from her camel ranch in the Sahara Desert.

XXXXX just got here by the skin of his head. He has so many customers (dogs that is) lined up at this barber shop. XXXXX gives professional dog hair cuts. XXXXX and XXXXX were going to go together in the business of cutting dog's hair but XXXXX preferred raising snakes and reptiles. What is the sound? Oh-XXXXX and some of his old pals.

Here comes XXXXX dancing towards us. She has finally made her way to exhibition group in Silver Spurs.

There goes XXXXX, trying to sell his Pea Soup. He's head taster in the Delectable, Delovable, Dilutable Pea Soup Company. I feel sorry for the poor fellow, he doesn't like Pea Soup.

Someone is limping out there! I can't tell who it is. Oh! – XXXXX! While teaching some small children how to ski, he tripped and broke his leg.

XXXXX is doing his good deed for the day – he's helping XXXXX. Isn't that touching? Jim is the leader of a Girl Scout Troop.
As I was thumbing through the paper today, I came across XXXXX's and XXXXX's name. They have gone into partnership on a comic strip call "Naggi and Wiggs".

I notice two radio celebraties with us tonight, XXXXX and XXXXX. Art has become quite well known in his field as a news commentator and Vern has become well known as "Little Verny" on his program, "All Through the Night".

My, my – I feel itchy all over! XXXXX must have let some of her fleas out. She trains fleas for her very own flea circus "The Itchy, Snitchy Flea Circus."

Who is that lighting that grand candleabra? She looks familiar. Oh, yes, XXXXX. She is about to play a selection for us AND she has borrowed her boss's candles. XXXXX at the present time is lighting LIBERACE'S CANDLES. Why is XXXXX measuring their heights around here? How could I forget? He designs caskets and has found a way to make more business for his profession. He is now measuring XXXXX, the King of Comedy, in the United States. He has become America's top-notch comedian. He has made many jokes about his friend XXXXX, the editor of the Ladies Home Journal.

My goodness, I keep tripping over my shoe laces. I must buy some of XXXXX's shoe laces. She produces them. XXXXX, do you have a piece of gum I might have? XXXXX's gum, by the way. XXXXX manufactures Sluper, Bluper, Bubble gum!

XXXXX is over in the corner by himself, and he seems to be involved in a great novel, but that is reasonable. He is known as a bookworm. Look, XXXXX is about to disturb XXXXX with his talk about airplanes. So far he hasn't gotten anyone to listen to him about his new invention of a motorless airplane, but he has bumped into XXXXX instead. He is about to tell her about it, but she beat him to it by talking about her own product, teapot whistles!

Why is that wild looking person running about the room waving a red flag? Why – it is XXXXX, head of the school safety patrol, trying to find some of his faithful patrol. You see XXXXX, a designer of automobiles, is trying out his models, but is doing it a little recklessly and XXXXX needs some assistance in slowing him down.

Say, who is that tuning up? Just some of the old grads of '57.
Well, XXXXX, it seems we have gotten around to everyone and our work is finished for the day. Shall we retire together?

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