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Franklin Reunion Party!
Article By: Brian Shute, Ph.D., CCC

Wow! On the evening of May 21, 2009, a sizable crowd (250-300) of Franklin Alums gathered in the Franklin Auditorium. The excitement was high and the place was crackling with smiles, laughter, chatter, and reconnections.

AlumniCrowd (Small).JPG

All the silence that was squelched by teachers years ago, was suddenly unleashed here with decibel force. Featured entertainment included the Tapping Grandmas, a Waltz danced by Don Miller and Rowena, a Franklin Video, and Student Led Tours. We heard some fabulous speeches by Bob Mosher, Diane Wynn, William Counsell, Mickey Hanson, Brian Shute, and an open letter from the Honorable Dirk Kempthorne.

For dessert, there were Cyrus O'Leary Pies, cookies, coffee, and Lemonade. All of it was a joyful, reminiscent, and festive time.

FranklinAlumReception (Small).JPG

The very best part for me (Brian) was meeting and talking with many of you. What an honor! Some of you even provided me with more historical photographs and stories... and Franklin and I thank you. Here are some shots of the evening.

Mickey Hanson (Small).JPG

Principal Mickey Hanson welcomes the group and reads an open letter from the Honorable Dirk Kempthorne.

Tapping Grandmas2 (Small).JPG

This clever group of smiling grandmas were fun, energetic, and full of taps. The Franklin crowd loved them! One of the tappers, Mary Mills, is a Franklin alum.


DonMiller&Rowena2 (Small).JPG

And here is a shot of Don Miller (Franklin 1939) and Rowena as they dance the Waltz. These talented folks gave us a taste of traditional dancing that was elegant and superb!

NancyDanielsonGaudet and Daughter (Small).JPG

This is teacher Nancy Gaudet (Danielson) and her daughter, Tammy. Nancy taught at Franklin in the 1950s and was a popular mentor. I have personally met with many alumni who have expressed their appreciation for the teacher. In fact, in her speech, Diane Wynne expressed that Nancy was the reason she became a teacher! When asked about the red, sporty MG, we found out that it was sold in the 70s to make way for her son's drum set. The garage was cramped. Nancy's daughter is an English teacher at the high school level. It's in the blood!


Camille and Doug Erickson, Mrs. Ruth, Dianne Blumhagen, Jim and Diane Wynne (Small).JPG

This is Camille Haskins (Erickson), Steve Erickson, Mrs. Olson (mom of Karen Ruth (Olson), Dianne Blumhagen, Jim Wynne (1960), and Diane Wynne (1962).


CoryDavis,DianeDavisand DaleRaschko (Small).JPG

Alumni Cory Davis (left) and Dale Raschko, along with Franklin mom, Diane Davis smile for the camera.


DeanCarriveau and Friends (Small).JPG

Dean Carriveau (left), Mrs. Olson (center with cap) Dianne Blumhagen (right) and some Franklin friends.

Interesting Note: Mrs. Olson is modeling a Franklin beanie cap owned by Dean Carriveau. It is white and red, likely comes from the 1940s, and is made from a felt material. Across the front it reads, "Franklin."

DonMiller,Rowena, Lloyd&Shirley Seahorn (Small).JPG

Don Miller, Rowena, Lloyd and Shirley Seahorn

Mr. Mrs. William Counsell (Small).JPG

Mr. and Mrs. William Counsell

Bob Mosher (Small).JPG

Bob Mosher recounted some insightful Franklin memories!

Dianne Wynne (Small).JPG

And some more terrific memories from Diane Wynne's Franklin experience.

William Counsell (Small).JPG

Bill Counsell recalled when 17th was being paved. There were piles of headless rattle snakes piled at the street corners for pick up the next day. The paving crew killed the snakes with their shovel as they came across the nests.

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