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Franklin Photo/Exhibit Gallery 1950s Volume 3
Article By: Brian Shute, Ph.D., CCC

Mary Kay 1950 3rd grade 5B (Small).jpg

1950 Third Grade Class

Mary Kay CircaLate40s Pictures 004E (Small).jpg

This early 50s shot was likely taken in one of the portables.


Mary Kay Pictures 004D (Small).jpg

This curious classroom picture was taken in the early 1950s or possibly in the late 1940s. Check out that mural and those desks. Perhaps this picture was taken during a Lewis and Clark lesson and there was "Show and Tell." Two youngsters were sporting firearms and would likely be in huge trouble if this picture was taken today. Can you pick them out? Are they toys? Those teachers would be in hot water too in today's world. Times have sure changed.

Special thanks to Mary Kay Davis for this and other pictures from this era.

Mary Kay CircaLate40s Pictures 005C (Small).jpg

This classroom shot was taken in the early 1950s or late 1940s.


Mary Kay Pictures 004C (Small).jpg

1954, All eight years together.

Mary Kay 1954 7th Grade Pictures 005A (Small).jpg

1954, Seventh Grade Class


Mary Kay1954 Baseball Pictures 004a (Small).jpg

The 1954 Franklin Softball Team


Mary Kay 1954 Basketball Pictures 004b (Small).jpg

The 1954 Franklin Basketball Team


002 (Small).jpg

1954-1955, Class of 1962, First Grade, Mrs. Neiswender

Front: Bonnie Hayes, Kenny Gibson, Rick Deno, Mike P., Clayton, Julie Graves
2nd Row: Diane Wynne, Jacky ?, Beth Kalinoski, Sherry Mott, Judy T, Janet Claeson, Robin C., Cynthia Pratt
3rd Row: Jean Fullington, Mike Hall, Roger Sherman, Bruce Finney, Bobby McBride, Don Brown, Dave Litzenberger, Jerry M, Denny ?, Bill Lund, Art Johnson, Karilee Kinder

Special thanks to Diane Alfano (Wynne) for this and many other photographs and names from this era.

003 (Small).jpg

1955-1956, Class of 1962, Second Grade, Miss Nancy Danielson

Front: Kay Tobias, Connie Bridwell, Robin C, Jean Fullington, Bonnie Hayes
2nd Row: Kenny Gibson, Mike Hall, Bobby McBride, Rick Deno, Ricky R, Art Johnson, Bruce Finney, Roger Sherman, Billy
3rd Row: Julie Graves, Janet Claeson, Diane Wynne, Beth Kalinoski, Sherry Mott, Judy T?, Janet Angelier, Karey Lou Moylan, Karilee Kinder, Cynthia Pratt
4th Row: Miss Nancy Danielson, Ron Westlund, Jerry M, Dave Litzenberger, Bob Stallings, Don Brown, Dave Glaze, Richard ?, Bill Lund

NancyDanielsonCirca1956SRor SC (Medium).jpg

Franklin neighbor, Brian Westmoreland, donated this circa 1956 newspaper article regarding Franklin teacher, Nancy Danielson. The article pokes fun at the myth that a used car is always better if it has been driven by a little old teacher. Nancy raced this one. From several sources of yesteryear, it is reported that Miss Danielson was a wonderful teacher. Many students looked up to her... and her car too. Good students got to ride in the thing. What fun!


020 (Small).jpg

Several Franklin girls were in Brownies and did many things together. Here's a circa 1958 photo with a horse at Laurel Greene's house who lived on Cherry Lane in Glenrose:
Front Row: Anne Clarke, Mrs. Blumhagen, Dianne Blumhagen, Laurel Greene, Chris Jones, Cynthia Pratt, Mrs. Greene
2nd Row: Julie Graves, Sherry Mott, Connie Bridwell, Bonnie Hayes, ?


004 (Small).jpg

1956-1957, Class of 1962, Third Grade, Mrs. Larson

Front: Burton Smith, Rick Deno, Bobby McBride, Art Johnson, Bruce Finney, Roger Sherman, Bill Lund
2nd Row: Kay Tobias, Marcia McDuffy, Jean Fullington, Connie Bridwell, Bonnie Bell, Karey Lou Moylan, Ruth Haynes, Anne Clarke, Bonnie Hayes
3rd Row: Julie Graves, Cynthia Pratt, Janet Angelier, Beth Kalinoski, Sherry Mott, Laura B, Diane Wynne, Janet Claeson, Arlene Larson
4th Row: Larry N, Dave Litzenberger, Richard ?, Bob Stallings, Dave Glaze, Don Brown, Steve Durbin, Ron Westlund, Mrs. Larson


018 (Small).jpg

Franklin Brownies and moms at the Blumhagens' house, circa 1957: Left to right: Sherry Mott & mom, Julie Graves & mom, Laurel Greene & mom, Diane Wynne & mom & Dianne Blumhagen & mom

005 (Small).jpg

1957-1958, Class of 1962, Fourth Grade, Mrs. Lutz

Front: Bobby McBride, Roger Hall, Art Johnson, Bruce Finney, Bill Lund, Rick Deno
2nd Row: Anne Clarke, Jean Fullington, Bonnie Bell, Ruth Haynes, Julie Graves, Marcia McDuffie, Bonnie Hayes, Kay Tobias
3rd Row: Diane Wynne, Janet Angelier, Beth Kalinoski, Sherry Mott, ?, Janet Claeson, Karey Lou Moylan, Connie Bridwell
4th Row: Mrs. Lutz, Steve Durbin, Don Brown, Dave Glaze, Richard ?, Greg Bogus, Bob Stallings, Dave Litzenberger, Larry N, Ron Westlund


006 (Small).jpg

1958-1959, Class of 1962, Fifth Grade, Mrs. Moore

Front: Bonnie Hayes, Karey Lou Moylan, Bonnie Bell, Kay Tobias
2nd Row: Rick Deno, Bruce Finney, Ron Westlund, Art Johnson, Bobby McBride, Burton Smith, ?
3rd Row: Ruth Haynes, Diane Wynne, Linda Dodte, Beth Kalinoski, ?, Janet Claeson, Sandra Garver, Jean Fullington
4th Row: Steve Durbin, ?, Dave Glaze, Greg Bogus, Don Brown, Bob Stallings, Dave Litzenberger, Mrs. Moore

008 (Small).jpg

Five friends smiling on the Franklin playground, Circa 1959: Karey Lou Moylan, Bonnie Bell, Bonnie Hayes, Kay Tobias, Janet Claeson

007 (Small).jpg

1959-1960, Class of 1962, Sixth Grade, Mrs. Lee

Front: Bonnie Bell, Rick Deno, Paul Iddins, Jean Fullington, Bruce Finney, Burton Hayes, Kay Tobias, Mrs. Lee
2nd Row: Karey Lou Moylan, Sandra Garver, Janet Claeson, Charlyn Fulton, Merry Ludberg, Beth Kalinoski, Linda Dodte, Diane Wynne
3rd Row: Mike Van Horn, Steve Durbin, Bob Stallings, Dave Litzenberger, Dave Glaze, Don Brown, Greg Bogus, Bobby McBride, Art Johnson, Ron Westlund

009 (Small).jpg

This black and white shot, circa 1958, is of Diane Wynne playing tetherball on the Franklin playground.

Historical Note: How many of you can recall getting belted in the head with a fast flying tetherball? Many a student have seen stars playing this game.

014 (WinCE).jpg

Four smiling boys on the Franklin playground, circa 1958: Dave Glaze, Don Brown, Bob Stallings and Greg Bogus (down low)


015 (WinCE).jpg

A teacher poses for the camera.

017 (WinCE).jpg

Franklin Brownies, circa 1956, gather around the dining room table at the Blumhagens: Cynthia Pratt, Sherry Mott,?, Diane Wynne, Connie Bridwell, Laurel Greene,Chris Jones, Dianne Blumhagen, Bonnie Hayes

019 (Small).jpg

Franklin Brownies and a sort of swimsuit pageant, circa 1957. Note the banners.
Front Row Left to Right: Laurel Greene, Anne Clarke, Bonnie Hayes, Cynthia Pratt, Julie Graves, Connie Bridwell
2nd Row Left to Right: Diane Wynne, ?, Dianne Blumhagen, Chris Jones, Sherry Mott

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