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Franklin Oral History Format
Article By: Brian Shute, Ph.D., CCC

Greetings Franklin Friends,

Oral Histories are a way to capture the events and culture of an organization. They are important because they teach future generations about how things were in the past. History Book.jpg

Without them, history from the personal human standpoint is lost. With them, feelings, perceptions, attitudes, events and subjectivity live on. We feel that's important.

We are collecting Oral Histories from people who attended the Franklin School or those people who were associated with the school in some way. Perhaps you were a parent, a volunteer, neighbor, custodian, teacher, or a gardener. If you've got stories and memories, we'd like to hear them. The following is a easy format that can be used to facilitate and semi-standardize your Oral History. Use all of it or parts as a jumping board for ideas. If writing or typing are not your style, consider an audio or video recording.

Question Format

1) Your Name,Current Address, Email Address, and Telephone Number
2) Your Old Address if possible
3) What years did you attend Franklin?
4) What are one or two of your memories about Franklin School?
5) What was it like in First grade, Sixth grade?
6) What did children at Franklin do for entertainment? Games, popular
7) What could you buy for $1.00 when you were 10 or 12 years old?
8) What was your happiest time at Franklin? Saddest?
9) Who was your favorite teacher? Why?
10) How has the world changed since you attended Franklin?
11) What have you done and what are you doing now?
12) Do you have any pictures of yourself or schoolmates that you'd like to share?
13) If you could impart one piece of wisdom to youngsters today, what would it be?

Physical letters or materials may be sent to the address below, or you may email from the Contact button on this site. Thanks!

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